What We Do

What we do for lenders:


Lenders, we understand that as first lien holders you have a very important interest in the properties you will be financing and we are here to protect and guarantee your best interest. Having the support of several top rated national underwriters and a clean untouchable trajectory enables us to insure each and every title for each and every lender we work with. We also have a system and process in place that guarantees lenders to receive title work within 48 hours or less at all times, as well as an open communication and daily updates on files.

What we do for Realtors:


Our goal is to help grow your business and eliminate stress and work. Even though the whole closing process is important to buyers and sellers, nothing is as special and important as CLOSING DAY. Therefore, it is essential for your clients to have a pleasant experience because that will determine your next referral from them. 

As settlement agents, we are the backbone that holds every end of the transaction together and we believe having daily communication with our agents is essential. Whether it is via email or a short phone call, we will make sure you are updated every step of the way. 

Our goal is to eliminate work on your end so you can focus on obtaining new business!

What We do for Buyers & Sellers:


Epic Title Group protects your real estate transaction by taking care of three important tasks for home buyers. Our highly qualified examiners first conduct a title search which provides an insight into the history of the rights and interests to your potential home, such as who bought the property, who sold the property and the dates of these transactions. The search will reveal any title defects that might affect you as new owner, such as :

·  Secondary or junior mortgages

·  Lines of credit

·  Judgments

·  Demands

·  Liens

·  Unpaid taxes

·  Special assessments

·  Other legal issues specific to the area

After verifying all of the above, we then issue title insurance. Title insurance is essential because it protects homebuyers from the possibility, however remote, that the seller (or previous seller) did not have free and clear ownership of the property.

Lastly, we act as the Escrow Agent in the transaction by correct handling of your pre-closing escrow account which includes making sure that all funds, including closing costs and down payments, will be paid and properly disbursed.

Title issues are uncommon, but when they do occur they can be significant enough to cost you your home—one of the biggest investments of your life. It deserves the best protection you can provide. Working with EPIC TITLE GROUP as a part of your closing process prevents you from expensive (and often invisible) potential problems that may place the ownership of your home in jeopardy. Don't risk your property and your peace of mind! 


At Epic Title Group we assist sellers like you in maximizing your profit and reducing the headaches of closing on your sale. Our competitive and ONLY closing fee allows you as the seller to get a better idea of what your title expenses will be. Yes! There are no junk fees. We will provide you with the following services:

- Prepare all necessary legal conveyance documents 

- Order payoff(s) from existing mortgage holders

- Order estoppel from association (if applicable)

- Review of municipal lien search

- Wire sale proceeds on the same day of closing at no extra charge

If you are a seller and would like FULL control of your transaction, you can select on contract to use us by paying the buyer's title insurance and we will WAIVE our closing fee to you. Yes, we will waive our service fee completely!